‘I will think positively more often as a result of this training; it has been so valuable realising that I can control stress’

Joanne Walker, Deputy Manager HICA

‘I will take more breaks and use the different techniques taught to control stress’

Claire Suggitt, Centre Manager Princes Quay Shopping Centre

‘Linda taught us several exercises, including mindfulness, to help deal with stress. I know of many others who would benefit from this training’

Andrew Low, Director The PC Support Group

‘This has made me aware of the negative impact of stress on my health. I am much more aware of what causes stress for myself and others’

Natasha Banke, Deputy DirectorHull Children’s University

‘I will now take more time to assess difficult situations and use the training to better handle them. The course provided valuable insight into being more mindful.’

Richard Bettridge, Sales AssistantLiquid Lever Irrigation Ltd

‘I will be more aware of my reactions to stress. I found it most valuable to learn how stress affects us and those around us’

Leigh Gilson, Operations ManagerBrooke Ceramics