Business Coaching in East Yorkshire

Hi! I’m Linda Jane Johnson of Release Your Potential, helping you to transform your business via my programme of business coaching in East Yorkshire. I have a passion for helping business leaders develop themselves and their businesses into the success stories they want to be through 1-2-1 coaching and team-building using innovative methods which make a big difference.



What I do

Companies and their staff need to be fit for purpose so we look at the alignment of the company mission, culture, values and behaviours to the reality of what is actually happening in the company. Where there is a gap, whether it be in skills, training or attitudes, we look at ways of closing that gap! Where objectives cannot be met by the current business structure and post-holders then we look at alternatives! Where staff are not fit for work, we seek to improve their lifestyles!


With a background of working in the NHS, pharmaceutical industry and event management, an MBA in Individual Management Development, a fitness instructor qualification, experience as a therapist and a Member of the International Stress Management Association, my focus is on people and profitability. Oh – and fun! I don’t consider I have done a day’s work in my life because my work has such positive outcomes; allow me to use my 34 years coaching experience to help you to feel the same way.


Every client is different, every company is different, and every situation is different. So my approach is flexibility in approach and possible solutions. I do not use strict traditional business coaching structures or promise that your business profitability will increase by a specific percentage. What I will do is help you to improve team-working, relationships, resilience and emotional intelligence whilst reducing stress-levels, poor employee engagement, poor time-management and poor decision-making.